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Studio Rosselli ‘s philosophy is inspired by a famous line of the Italian architect Ernest Nathan Rogers "from the spoon to the city", through which the practitioners used to describe what the architect and the designer job was about. For us, the project work begins with a careful analysis of the place where we are asked to operate, taking into account its history and its culture, as in the case of drawing up a new city plan, design a brand new bulding or a forniture, as in the case we are asked to retain or to renew a facility that already exist. The initial approach to the new project is to verify all the functional, architectural and technological aspects of it, and to contemplate all the aspects of the facility , with a view to reaching the best solution for different situations and needs.
Our team use to share and deal the first stage of the project in order to achieve the general idea. The specific aspects of the project are then developed by each member on the basis of their skills and training. The final work is performed toghether with the synergy of every team member skills. To conclude, we consider the person as the core of this path, because what is built and implemented , is realized for someone that is supposed to live in and to dispose of it.



Rosselli Study - Consultants

Ing. Davide Barilli - prevenzione incendi
Geom. Andrea Olita
Eugenio Labate- Illuminotecnico

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